Please find here some answers to the questions we hear the most!

Q: When are you leaving to be full time cruisers?
A: We will untie the lines for the last time in Channel Islands on October 18, 2014 and we will go down to San Diego to join the Baja Haha rally that take place every year at the end of October and goes from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Q: What route do you plan to follow?
A: As of right now the plan is to take our sweet time to cruise down the coast of Mexico so we can adjust to living aboard and get the hang of it all. And then we will leisurely go down to Panama, visiting every country in between at our own pace. Once we get there we plan on crossing to the Galapagos, then Marquesas, French Polynesia,...  And then... Well then we should see where the winds take us!

Q: But isn't this dangerous?!
A: Well so is driving a car!! Our boat was built for offshore cruising and she has all the safety equipment that we think is necessary. We have outfitted her with the purpose of cruising and passage making in mind and we feel confident that she will keep us as safe as we can be. We took a weather class and some sailing classes to be as ready and knowledgeable as possible before we left. We understand that we chose a path that might seem crazy to some but we really truly believe that the benefits outweigh the risks by far.

Q: Isn't it selfish to impose your dreams on your daughter?
A: Grace LOVES being on the boat! While still landlubbers, she used to beg us to go to the boat every single day and would happily play on deck or watch a movie on our bed without a word while we worked on different project! Our little girl sailed for the first time when she was 6 days old and has always had a deep love for the boat, the outdoor and new adventures! She thrives in that environment. She will be a lucky little girl who will have both parents with her 24/7, plenty of toys (she has a playroom on board!!), the world as her playground, and new friends everywhere she goes!

Q: All of that is great, but what about the money? You can't live from love and fresh water!
A: Well we almost could! We generate our own electricity and will make our own fresh water from the ocean. We don't have rent to pay, mortgage, or utilities. We have no debt on land and 3 rental houses which should keep a decent amount of money coming to our bank account! We plan on doing trading as much as we can for fresh fruits and vegetables while visiting the islands. Finding small jobs on the way is also an option.

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  1. I just read your blog thanks to the article from the VC Star. I can't wait to read more about your adventures! Best of luck in your travels!