The crew


 The captain, known as papa or Nathan.
Nathan is from Santa Barbara, California. In a previous life he was an IT engineer and enjoyed driving and working on his WRX Subaru. He is the fix-it-all crew member. He knows a great deal about electricity, engines, fiberglass, painting, and everything that could become handy on a boat!

The first mate, known as mama or Cindy.
Cindy is from Belgium. In a previous life she was a stay-at-home mom and a foster mom to multiple foster children for Social
Services in California. She is the organize-it-all crew member. She has to-do-lists, to-get-lists and lists of lists. She is also the self proclaimed nurse and school teacher.

The happy toddler, known as pretty girl or Grace.
Grace is a "go with the flow" little girl who before her second birthday had already been from one coast to the other, to Europe, and to Panama. She loves the beach and anything outdoor. She is the little sunshine of the crew.

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  1. Just read the article about you in the Ventura Star - you don't know me but I will follow your adventure.........I pray that you have an amazing journey which may not alway be easy but a lot of things in life are not easy. Best of luck to you!!!