Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Barra De Navidad

Barra De Navidad is a lovely small tourist town that is quite deserted during the off season. It has a whole bunch of restaurants, a couple of convenience store and some tourist shops. Do not expect to do any serious shopping here though. The nearest big town is Manzanillo. You can either rent a car or find a taxi to bring you there. It will cost you about 750 pesos for a roundtrip by taxi and you can rent the smallest car at the nearby hotel for 700 pesos/day with insurance. We heard that you during the high season you can rent a car in town for about 500 pesos.

The marina located at the resort is very clean and quite secure. Once at the dock, you can use their nice showers, the awesome pools from the hotel , the wifi is decent and the water is ok. The only little inconvenience is that you have to pay 30 pesos/person for a roundtrip to the little town because there is no way you can walk there and there is no bus either.
Top pool is the kiddie pool

First slide

Secluded beach at the hotel

We left Reprieve in a dock at this marine for a month and a half while we went to Belgium. (More on that in the next post!) When we came back we had plan to only stay for up to a week so we could get use to life on a boat with 2 kids. However, hurricanes Andres, Blanca and Carlos got us stuck at the dock for over 2 weeks waiting for a good weather window to safely cross to Huatulco and ultimately Chiapas (last port in Mexico). 

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