Saturday, June 27, 2015

Babies on boat

Having an infant on board means that we had to research and buy baby items that would work for us. The criteria were that it needed to be foldable so we could stowe it easily and it couldn't be metal so it wouldn't rust.
I thought I would share with you some of our favorite items.
The foldable plastic bath that we found brand new in a garage sale before we left:

Plenty of room for the baby to grow in

Very compact and easy to store

The bed that you can hang from the ceiling or outside from an halyard. We found it while in a little shop while exploring Barra De Navidad. It is handmade and seems very durable. A little on the heavy side but stores easy.  

 The foldable pool. We found that treasure in a sport store in Belgium. It folds as little as one of the sides, it's big enough for both kids to have room for a couple of years and it is not the cheap plastic that you usually find which pops after merely a couple of use. The adjustable top shade was definitely the deal breaker!

The mode of transportation. We found the infant carseat very useful so far for car rides when we rent a car and to get to the pool so baby can sleep in the shade by the pool. However it's very bulky, heavy and super hot for the baby to sleep in.

The easiest is definitely a carrier. I'm a huge fan of carriers so I have a whole bunch of different ones. They are the easiest to use because they store very easily, are washable and most are not too hot to use in this hot weather. My big favorite is the girasol wrap. it's the comfiest. Nathan likes the Mei Tai better for its ease to use.

Dinghy ride in the Girasol wrap

Fabric shopping in the Mei Tai

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bahia Tenacatita

Just a few miles north of Barra De Navidad is an absolutely beautiful spot called Tenacatita.  Nathan stopped here on his solo trip moving the boat from La Cruz to Barra De Navidad.  Being so close I got the opporunity to stay here until very close to my check in date at the marina.  

Other than resort go-ers and a few campers on the beach and a few boats anchored there is no one else to be found.  There are no grocery stores, or any shopping to be found it is strictly a vacation relaxation kind of spot.  The water is beautiful with up to 30ft visibility, it is also very well protected and aside from a few wakes and the occasional refracted swell from around the bay there is very little swell making this a very comfortable anchorage.

Tenacatita also has a small outlet into a massive mangrove field.  At high tide you can navigate your dinghy up through a small hidden channel which will lead into the main mangrove field.  I went about an hour up into the mangroves and there was still plenty to explore and see.  There is a wide variety of life ranging from birds, fish, and even crocodiles, I happened across a small baby crocodile hanging out along the edge but only managed a fuzzy picture before it disappeared.  There also appears to be some type of tour operator which is based out of the camp ground or maybe even the nearby resort.

Overall Tenacatita is an absolutely beautiful place to hang out an anchor or to explore.  Maybe we will return some day.